Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Show Your Lungs Some Love...

It's that time of year again folks, when I get to post a now obligatory (and traditionally hideous) picture of me wearing the old nasal cannulae.

See? Told you. Hideous. Unfortunately poor lighting and an iPhone 5 camera do not a Rankin maketh.

On a positive note: look how long my hair is! OK, so it's a bit on the wild side, and, er, a bit on the unwashed side, but it's long(er).


Yes people,  it's World COPD Day

A day that raises awareness of and support for COPD sufferers all over the world.

According to The British Lung Foundation, there's three million of us in England alone. England. That's not even the whole United Kingdom. Frightening!

And that's why this year's theme, 'It's Not Too Late', is vitally important. It promotes the belief that you can take charge of your respiratory health. Whether you have COPD diagnosis or not - you can all show your lungs some love and avoid becoming another statistic. As one of those three million, take it from me, it's a debilitating, life limiting, and merciless disease.

Put down that cigarette, get your running shoes on, just do what you can to avoid joining our ranks. 

For COPD patients the 'It's Not Too Late' message is even more critical; cutting down or quitting smoking; getting regular exercise; keeping warm in the winter months; getting your annual flu jab, there's always something we can do - no matter how small- to give our lung health a bit of a boost.

Want to find out more about World COPD Day and COPD? Head on over to The British Lung Foundation's website which has a wealth of information on all things respiratory.

Until next year....

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