Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Review: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub...

I actually bought this lip scrub at the same time as the Rose Jam shower gel but, unlike the shower gel, I just can't get on with this scrub at all.

Having read numerous positive reviews about Lush's lip scrubs, and the Bubblegum one in particular, I had high hopes.

Which, I'm afraid to report, were swiftly dashed.

Obviously, as it's a scrub, it's gritty in texture, but it's a very 'loose' scrub, so a lot of product comes away as soon as you apply it to the lips. This makes trying to actually massage it in a bit tricky.

Which isn't a very good start, let's face it...

Having managed to retain some product I duly scrubbed away, but, rather than some impressive de-flaking action going on, I just ended up with a gritty flaky mess on my lips.

They didn't look like they'd been scrubbed so much as attacked with a blunt sheet of sandpaper coated in granulated sugar. Not really the look I was going for, funnily enough.

To remedy the mess I ended up going back to basics and using a dry toothbrush on them. I only wish I'd done this in the first place and saved myself £5.50.

The smell was also rather off putting I thought. It was quite a synthetic Bubblegum scent which, to my nose at least, smelt more like Parma Violets than any Bubblegum I've ever had. If you're a fan of Parma Violets then this is all well and good, if, however, you believe they're the work of the devil himself, then this is definitely not so pleasing.

I am of the latter school of thought ( I mean, come on, they're vile. Who wants to eat sweeties that smell - and taste- like an old lady's perfume?), so slathering on this scrub (what little actually stuck to my lips) was not the most pleasant of olfactory experiences.

I really did want to love this; a cute little pot, a pleasing pop of bright pink, the promise of beautifully soft and supple lips, what's not to love?

A lot, as it turns out.

Maybe I just got landed with a dud, or I'm just being picky, but this definitely won't be going on my re-purchase list.

Back to the toothbrush it is then...

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