Thursday, 14 November 2013

Review: Barry M Textured Nail Paint in 'Majesty'...

I spotted this new release from Barry M - part of their  Royal Textured Glitter collection - about a month ago, but, for some unknown reason, dilly dallied in picking it up. 

Every time I popped into Boots I'd make a beeline straight for the Barry M stand, gaze longingly at it for a couple of minutes, and then put it back again.

Did I really need another nail varnish?

Evidently so.

I finally took the plunge this week and have not stopped raving about it. The colour is really quite beautiful and one I've not seen in a varnish before. It's probably best described as a washed out silvery gold, very subtle and very pretty. I find a lot of gold nail products are very yellow and tend to be on the brassy side, not my cup of tea at all, but Majesty is completely different. 

It reminds me a lot of vintage Christmas tree decorations; that soft, ethereal gold that also looks silver, depending on the light.

As this is a textured nail paint it dries to a very fine gritty feeling. Not unpleasant at all, and the effect, much like the colour, is incredibly subtle. If you run your finger over it, it feels a little like sand-paper. Despite this grittiness it's super sparkly, and really glints when it catches the light. Again, a lot of glitter paints can be a little on the garish side, but this very fine glitter looks a lot more sophisticated.

The coverage is good and only takes two coats for full opacity, drying time is impressive too. I don't know if it's because it's textured, and so not as liquidy, but it was completely dry - not just to the touch- in a couple of minutes. 

If you're anything like me, and hate waiting for nail varnishes to dry, then this is a major plus point.

I'm so pleased with Majesty (colour, performance, everything...) that I want to invest in a couple of more nail paints from this range. Duchess (nude coloured glitter) and Countess (aubergine coloured glitter) are probably going to be coming home with me in the not too distant future.

Once again Barry M has come up trumps (their Hi-Shine Gelly range is also a winner with me) and it's a big (well, small, my hands are ridiculously small. Like my head.) glittery thumbs up from me!

Barry M - Textured Glitter Nail Paint - £3.99

P.S. There's 10% off online orders at the moment, so you have the perfect excuse to indulge!

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