Monday, 25 November 2013

Le Weekend...

This weekend (OK I know it's Monday, and I'm late with this, but work with me) I have mostly been:

  • Travelling back home. It was a train journey that seemed to take forever.

  • Trying out my favourite new lipgloss: Benefit's Coralista, a freebie with this month's Elle magazine.

  • Meeting my Brother and his Girlfriend's newest addition to their household: Mr. Jangles. Except it's a girl, apparently. Poor confused little Hamster.

  • Photographing bits and pieces that caught my eye in Falmouth, my home-town.

  • Trying to resist eating some very cute looking lollipops.

  • Having a ball at my Mum's 60th birthday party. She didn't know we'd be there, I'd told her I couldn't make it due to lack of funds/lack of energy. She screamed when she saw us: mission accomplished.

  • Reconnecting with numerous wonderful people, some I hadn't seen in a decade or more.

  • Enjoying the (surreal) sight of my Mum, Mr. G, my Brother, his Girlfriend, and his best friend all crammed into a hot-tub together in the freezing cold early hours of Sunday morning. 
  • Eating the most delicious roast dinner. Made by my Mum, of course. Because mum-made Roasts are always the best. Fact.

  • Catching up on - and Fangirling over- The Day of the Doctor. David Tennant; Rose Tyler; a glimpse of Christopher Ecclestone; and an even smaller glimpse of Peter Capaldi? Absolute Doctor Who heaven.

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