Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I've Got A Little List...

One of the biggest joys of Christmas for me- apart from attempting to eat my own body weight in Quality Street, obviously- is choosing the perfect presents for my loved ones and watching their faces as they unwrap them. 

I have a list on my laptop of those I need to buy for, and I update it throughout the year with new ideas and flashes of inspiration as and when they strike. I try to put as much thought as I can into each individual, and I'd like to think I give good gift. Literally.

I'm pretty pleased with my choices this year, my Brother's in particular; he is going to love it. I'm actually worried I'm going to blurt it out without thinking, I'm that excited about it*. I've only got a few more stocking-type presents to track down and then I am officially finished. Ding dong merrily on high indeed!

As for what I want? Well, I wouldn't say no to something from this little lot...

What's on your Christmas wish-list?

*Mr. G's "surprise" 30th party that I was organising? Yep. Told him.

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