Sunday, 10 November 2013

Dear Diary..

There was quite a buzz on the blogosphere surrounding this little gem earlier on in the year and, being the stationery aficionado that I am, I had to get my hands on one too. It's really rather beautiful: duck egg blue binding with gold embossed lettering and inside it's just as pretty. I love the idea of it being a 'memory book' (and a five year one, no less) rather than just a bog standard diary or journal, it's somehow more romantic, harking back to the days when genteel Victorian ladies would record their daily lives in an ornate copperplate script.

In this digital age, I will get a small thrill from going back to basics and putting pen to paper. Minus, perhaps, the crinoline. And whale-bone corset.

I bought mine back in the summer but have yet to write a single entry, it didn't feel right starting it halfway through the year, so I'm saving it for 2014. 

Here's hoping that the next half a decade will bring me plenty to write about! 

One Line A Day - Five Year Memory Book - Amazon - £8.39.

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