Friday, 25 October 2013

Update Numéro Un: We Bought A Zoo...

...Actually, that's a complete lie. 

We didn't.

But? We did buy this:

Yep, that right there is our house. Our actual, very own, slice-of-the-property-market-and-have-an-eye-watering-mortgage-to-prove-it, house.

It had originally been on the market at the tail end of last year but that sale had fallen through.

We viewed it and put an initial bid in back in March, but it was turned down. So we upped it. And upped it again. Nothing doing.

And that, so we thought, was that.


Two weeks after the second failed bid the Estate Agents got back in touch with us.

It was going back on the market. Were we still interested?

Yes. Yes we were.

Our offer was officially accepted on the 22nd of April and on the 15th of June the keys were ours.

And then the fun started.

It's been four long months of stripping things off (wallpaper, people), knocking things down and putting things up, but I like to think of it as a work in progress...

In spite of some of the rooms still having the air of an abandoned building site to them we are truly in love with our little home.

Best. Purchase. Ever.

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