Monday, 28 October 2013

Review: Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel...

Having finally used up my much loved bottle of Lush's Snow Fairy it was time to invest in a new shower gel.

After sniffing most of the offerings in Boots, a thought occurred to me: why not head to Lush?

Granted, it wasn't exactly a revolutionary thought process but I'm surprised it hadn't popped into my head sooner given my Snow Fairy adoration. 

So, off to Lush I went...

... where I was greeted by the lovely Hannah (Hellooo!) who introduced me to the newest addition to their shower gel family: Rose Jam.

Oh my.

The best way to describe the scent? Fry's Turkish Delight in a bottle. 


According to Lush, Rose Jam contains rose absolute; vanilla pod; geranium oil and goji berry extract. The soft floral notes of the geranium and rose are the perfect counter-balance to the vanilla pod, which manages to escape that cloying, sickly sweet smell that I find a lot of other vanilla products are guilty of. 

As for in the shower? Total dream to use; not only does it smell divine, it also leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, like I've slathered on a vat of moisturiser. That'll be the argan oil then, I'm guessing.

Would I purchase it again? Yes. Would I recommend it? Yes. Do I want to devour a bar of Turkish Delight after every shower? Er, that would be a yes too...

        Lush Rose Jam is available in 100g, 250g and 500g.


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