Thursday, 4 April 2013

Heavy Metal...

In between eating shed loads of chocolate and admiring the views back home, I also found the time to get my Tragus pierced.

It's something I'd wanted to do for a long time, and I'd done a lot of research into getting pierced with M.E. Having found no contra-indications (i.e. nothing I'd read suggested it was a terrible idea to be avoided at all costs) I decided to go for it.

Aside from it being a piercing I'd long admired the look of, I wanted to get it for a couple of other, less prosaic- and more personal- reasons. Firstly, I just wanted to feel normal, and do something a normal person might do. Secondly, I harboured this personal (and probably entirely non-sensical) notion that getting pierced might, I don't know, somehow shock my body into functioning properly again. I know, I know: the idea that a piercing could rid me of M.E. is laughable but, after eight months, you do tend to find yourself clutching at straws. No matter how ridiculous they may seem.


I popped into Electric Ohm to get the deed done. A very nice man named Sam got me to sign some paperwork, then led me to the chair, where everything had been prepped.

My tragus was marked with a pen, and, happy with the positioning, it was show-time. At this point the nerves really kicked in, but Sam was wonderfully reassuring and calm (unlike me). Deep breath in... 

So, did it hurt? Not one bit. There was a strange sense of intense pressure as the needle went through, but actual pain? Nada. Bear in mind, I have a stupidly low pain threshold: blood tests being tears to my eyes, people. 

It felt rather hot as he put the jewellery in, but there was no throbbing or stinging as I'd expected. There was also no legendary popping sound. Quite disappointing really. 

Here it is an hour or so after getting it done:

You can still see the marker pen! No swelling or redness though. He used a 8mm labret stud to allow room for potential swelling- hence the length of the bar at the back.

After care wise, I've been using BPA Safe Solutions Aftercare Solution (included in the price of the
 piercing), which is an all natural oil that contains Vitamin A, B and E, and various essential oils. Not only does it cleanse, it also acts as an antiseptic and and an analgesic. Oh and it's not tested on animals either - it's a bit of a wonder product, really.

I've been using it three times a day, along with a sea salt soak. No sign of any problems, infection or irritation so far.

I am in love with it, and am so very glad I did it. This won't make sense to anyone else but me (I'm hazarding a guess), but it was good for me to able to associate a needle with a positive experience for once. 

Here it is today, five days in:



  1. Ha Jen, can't believe you had your Tragus done, i had mine done 8 days ago, andlike you no pain, and no problems,

  2. Great minds! Glad you're not having any problems with yours either. Hope you're as pleased with yours! x