Monday, 29 April 2013

Beauty Product Review: Bourjois Blush in Healthy Mix

I'd been eyeing up this blush every time I went into Boots. I'd stand there staring at it lovingly, but ultimately always leaving empty-handed. Despite it being love at first swatch I told myself I didn't need another blush.  

Popping into Boots (it's getting embarrassing now...) over the weekend I made a beeline straight for the Bourjois. And proceeded to have the usual internal battle of indecision. To buy or not to buy? And then I remembered: Advantage points! Of course. Problem solved. Cinders shall go to the ball have the pretty little pot of blush after all.

I do love a happy ending...

So, the Blush:

Isn't it a pretty colour? These pictures were taken in natural light and are fairly true to life. It's a really delicate coral-pink with the merest hint of shimmer. We're talking very subtle, barely noticeable even. 

The quality is the usual high Bourjois standard: finely milled and very soft.

I don't know if this shade is a recent addition to the Little Round Pot lineup but I don't remember seeing it before this year. I've always been put off by Bourjois blushes in the past as they're usually too sparkly or shimmery. Now, we all know I love a glowy look, but I've always thought they were bordering a bit to close to disco ball territory.

Not so this one. It does what it says on the pot, giving your cheeks a really healthy, fresh faced, wash of glowy, corally lovliness.

This may well be a Holy Grail for me folks. 

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush - Healthy Mix - £7.99

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