Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dip-Dye Daydreaming...

I've been a bit obsessed recently with the idea of having ombré hair. You know, that graded colour look where the ends are lighter than the mid-sections and roots? I do realise that I am spectacularly late to this trend (which has been going strong since circa 2011. So yeah, like I say, I'm way behind the times on this one...) but it's something I'm a bit fixated on right now as spring is here (although clearly the weather hasn't got the memo yet as it's still bloomin' freezing) and I fancy a bit of a change.

YouTube has a wealth of DIY Ombré videos but L'Orèal Preference have made the task even easier by releasing Wild Ombrés Dip-Dye, the first complete at home Ombré kit.

There's been quite a bit of buzz surrounding them in the blogging community; having read a ton of positive reviews, and seen the results, I'm itching to give shade number two a whirl and jump on the bandwagon try it out for myself.

The only problem? My hair. It needs to grow. A lot.

It's six weeks since I got my pixie cut and although it's grown a little, it's going to be quite a while before it'll be long enough to ombré. We're talking six months minimum.

So. Anyone got any tips on getting your hair to grow really long really quickly?

Fickle, me?

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