Monday, 4 February 2013

Pixie Perfection

So. As you might have guessed, today was the big day: the chop.

I got there rather early. OK, so I'm anal about punctuality, but even for me a whole half hour early was a little bit unnecessary.

No matter because as soon as I announced my arrival, I was whisked into a chair for a consultation. After I'd devested myself of my oxygen, jacket, gloves, and glasses. Phew.

I duly showed my stylist (who introduced himself as Nic) the photos I'd taken along for inspiration (Shannyn Sossoman and Anne Hathaway, in case you're wondering) and then it was off to the sink...

I don't know about you but there's something quite luxurious about having someone else wash your hair. Considering the pretty poor effort I'd been doing of it for the past six months, I'd happily pay someone to take over.

Anyway, hair washed it was back to the chair and time for the fun to begin. I always forget just how much hair I have, it doesn't look like much on my head, but when it's piling up on the floor it looks like, as Nic said, you could stuff a rather sizeable cushion with it. It obviously has some weird reverse Tardis effect going on.

Most odd.

Not being able to wear my glasses during proceedings, I was sort of staring slash squinting at my reflection the whole time, giving me the look of a perpetually startled (and slightly deranged...) animal caught in the headlights. Attractive.

Usually I find the conversation a little stilted when getting my hair cut, but not so today. Nic put me at ease and we chatted away. Without a doubt he's one of the friendliest and most charming hair stylists' I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.

Oh, and he's got some damn good skills with a pair of scissors too.

So, it's time for the bit you've all been waiting for...

Here's the obligatory "before" picture:

And here's me "after":

What do you think? To say I'm pleased with it would be an understatement! I bloody LOVE it. Bye bye tangles and crappy condition, hello hot new hair!

I would absolutely, 100%, recommend Equinox. Discount or no discount, the service was second to none and the cost incredibly reasonable (£38 before discount). If you fancy giving them a whirl be sure to ask for Nic Crowley, trust me you won't be disappointed.

Now, excuse me while I go and admire myself in the mirror some more...


  1. you're lovely, it fits you even better than your old cut

  2. Thank you Liz! That's really sweet of you to say so x