Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mulberry Musings...

It's not really any great secret that I've wanted a Mulberry bag for, ooh, ever.

Their craftsmanship is renowned the world over, and their designs beautiful and timeless.

The Daria Hobo had always been the object of my affections. Slouchy, casual and effortlessly chic. But, as my style has evolved, I've found myself lusting more and more after the more structured Alexa satchel. Harder lines, sturdier, with a definite nod to the humble briefcase, this is a bag that means business (in every sense of the word) but retains that casual vibe.

The Alexa also scores points with its cross body strap. I have great difficulty carrying shoulder bags as, due to the world's most ineffectual shoulders©, I find they constantly slip off and I'm forever hoisting them back up. First world problem, I know, but it's exceedingly annoying.

So yes, the Alexa is now the go-to bag to ogle over whenever I visit the Mulberry website. Which is alarmingly frequently, it has to be said. The soft buffalo black leather, the shiny hardware, the sheer gorgeousness of the thing.

One day, one day....

     Mulberry Alexa -image courtesy of

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