Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How was it for you...?

It's exactly a week until my 30th. Erm, how did that happen? Someone? Anyone? I swear it was only yesterday that it was still a whole three months away?

Anyway. Seven days left of my 20s (ok more like six and a half days now seeing as it's mid afternoon and all, but y'know...).

Will I be sorry to wave them goodbye? In all honesty, no. Not one iota. Apart from some notable highlights (going to University, graduating, meeting Mr. G etc) the past decade hasn't exactly been the best ten years of my life. Popular culture and glossy magazines would have us believe that the ages 20 through 29 are a perky roller coaster of adventure, discovery and fun (with a capital 'F'). 

Well here's a shocker: they lied.

The decade, for me at least, has been marred by uncertainty and insecurity. I've experienced depression, unemployment, anxiety, heartbreak, illness and loss. A roller coaster? You could say that. Fun? No, not really.

Of course, there have been moments of undoubted joy, but they have been few and far between. The mid 20s crisis? Been there, done that, and bought the fair trade, 100% organic, cotton t-shirt.

So. Despite 30 being an awfully big number, and ever so slightly scary, I shall be positively welcoming it with open arms, a sigh of relief, and a rather large glass of champagne....


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