Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hello 30...

It finally happened. The big 3-0. And here's what it looked like...

Unfortunately that's not my cat (I spotted him on our walk to breakfast and wanted to take him home with us.), but that is my brand spanking new iPad (thank you Dad!) I squealed. Loudly.

Mr. G also came up trumps with my beautiful Michael Kors watch. It needs a fair few links taken out- owing to the fact I have wrists the size of a tiny tiny child- but other than that it is perfection in horological form.

I was also thoroughly spoilt with Rosé Champagne, flowers, chocolates, a hot chocolate mug (with polka dots people!), Botanics goodies and the gorgeous little key necklace up above. As I say, spoilt. I'm a very lucky 30 year old indeed.

Dinner was enjoyed at a fantastic restaurant (within a short walking distance, as everything has to be these days...) where I tucked enthusiastically into a horse-free steak and fries, and a melt-in-the-middle Chocolate Brownie. Divine.

I was feeling strong enough to have a little pootle around in the glorious early spring sunshine, but, with hindsight this probably wasn't the greatest idea. The payback was almost immediate, and by the evening all strength had gone from my legs and I nearly fainted in the bathroom. 

Not quite the end to the perfect day I'd been hoping for, but you can't have it all...

Luckily the celebrations aren't over yet as there's something afoot for Saturday. What exactly, I have no idea.

So. Do I feel older? Wiser? More grown up? No, no, and don't make me laugh!

Happier then?

Well, that'd be a resounding yes.

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