Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bill of Right!

Today UK MPs are debating the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill. They will be voting at 19.00 GMT. 

I know where my vote would lie.

It's 2013. Equal marriage should already be a reality. It's quite honestly shameful that the law-makers of our land have, in their reluctance to bring this issue to the fore until now, all but denigrated the love and validity of millions' of couples and their relationships. Who are they to deny same-sex partners the rights and recognition afforded to those in Heterosexual relationships? How is it that, somewhere along the way, we lost sight of the fact that, Gay, Straight, or Bi, what should actually matter is the depth of love and understanding between two people, not their sexual orientation. The whole idea, when viewed with an objective eye, is both archaic and morally reprehensible.  

This needs to be changed, and it needs to be changed now.

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