Sunday, 10 February 2013

And now for something completely different...

Today isn't just the 10th of February, oh no, today also happens to be my Dad's birthday. His 60th to be exact.

I know that he reads this here Blog- in fact it was his encouragement that got me writing again. You've got him to thank really for the existence of It's not all Me, Me, Me...- so I thought it would be rather fitting to write a little post dedicated to, well, him.

Congratulations Dad on attaining this momentous milestone. I want to also take this opportunity to thank you, for being one of my biggest cheerleaders, for your absolute belief in me, and for your endless and unfailing support, love, and supply of pasties! You can take the boy out of Cornwall...

I wish you nothing but happiness (and health, especially health) on this, your 60th birthday.

All my love,

Your Daughter x

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