Thursday, 31 January 2013

Technological Difficulties...

The other night, I fired up my lap-top. So far, so usual. What wasn't usual, however, was the loud and persistant buzzing emanating from my power Adapter.

A glance at my monitor showed I was running on battery. Which was odd, as the Adapter lead was definitely connected. It was also definitely plugged in at the mains. And yes, it was definitely switched on. I checked.

The battery gauge showed I had a generous 52 minutes usage time left. Very precise But also? Very wrong. About five seconds later my lap-top unceremoniously died on me. Without warning, nor hope of revival. Bugger.

Cost of replacing faulty adapter? £17.99. Inclination to fork out for a replacement? Zilch. The lap-top wasn't even two years old, I thought they were meant to be a bit more hardy than that? Apparently not...

So, for the foreseeable (i.e. until I've given in and purchased another one) It's Not All Me, Me, Me... will be coming to you from my beloved not-quite-so-new-anymore iPhone!

I knew there was a reason impulsively signing up for that new contract was a good thing...

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