Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Product Review: Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish

Say 'Hello' to my newest Holy Grail product. Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish.

I had been eyeing up Alpha-H's Liquid Gold, after having read umpteen rave reviews online, but hadn't yet splashed the cash on it due to, well, a lack of cash to splash.

But, whilst perusing beauty fora and blogs for reviews of said Liquid Gold, I noticed the Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish cropping up on occasion. Not necessarily as a dupe, but as a damn fine polish in its own right.

It'd also been praised to the hilt in a few of the glossies- I forget which- but I never pay much heed to magazine reviews; cynically (perhaps) wondering how much a company's PR machine has forked out for their product to be given top billing.

Hence preferring the-mostly-bias free reviews and write ups on blogs or discussion boards.

As if by chance, whilst out on one of my 'got-to-keep-my-legs-from-wasting-away' jaunts, I discovered the polish on special offer. 

It's usually £7.99 (for 120ml) but Boots had it marked down to £3.99. Bargain, thought I! And, even more fortuitously: I had £4 worth of points to spend on my Advantage Card. Winning. As a certain Mr 'Everyone deserves a twenty-sixth chance' Sheen might say. If he's not pickled himself Tiger Blood by now, that is...

I don't think I'd bought anything from the Botanics range in a decade, their packaging was never the most alluring: sludgy looking browns and greens and utilitarian bottles. I get that they were going for the 'Botanical' angle, it just never worked for me. But, thankfully, they've given the brand image a much needed overhaul. Now it's all clean lines, white packaging and simple black font, with pops of colour here and there - much better!

Never having tried a Microdermabrasion polish before I didn't really have any expectations. But, if I had done, I have a feeling they would have been far exceeded.

The texture of the polish is quite thick, much more so than an exfoliating scrub, and you really only need a tiny amount as a little will go a long way here.Trust me. 

On initial application it is incredibly coarse and gritty and gives a sensation akin- I'd imagine- to rubbing a sheet of sandpaper vigorously and repeatedly over your face. If you were so inclined. .

As you start to polish it in, you realise it treads a very fine line between pleasantly tingle inducing to outright feeling like you've scoured your face off. Believe me, there is next to no effort involved in massaging it in: the polish does all the work for you. 

Having let it do it's thing for thirty seconds or so, I rinsed it off with warm water. My skin smarted a little, but I think I safely avoided the out-and-out scoured look. Just.

I touched my face. And I understood the hype in an instant. 

I don't think my skin had ever felt so smooth, ever. It was like I'd been sandblasted. Which probably wasn't too far off, in all honesty...

Two days on and my skin still feels incredible and alabaster smooth. I told someone today I was nearly thirty and they said they'd have put me at around 18. Clearly this stuff works.

 Would I recommend it? A thousand times yes. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Boots.

Botanics Microdermabrasion Polish - £7.99


  1. I was searching through my local target and spotted this. I knew nothing about it and your review came up on my web search. Thanks for giving me that push to try this! So excited and I cant wait to see what it does for my skin! :)

  2. Hi Robin!

    Glad you found it useful- let me know how you get on with it. I'm using it once a week to keep dullness at bay, and still loving it.


    1. I tried it the first time and My skin was super soft but the next day I got really flaky skin that peeled for a couple days. I looked it up and saw that it's a common side effect of any micro. I looked up tips and the second time around I made sure to exfoliate for a couple days before and after and used the garnier Moisture reduce gel cream and now my skin feels so buttery soft. My acne scarfing is fading pretty fast! It's amazing because now my skin has a glow to it now and my primer is more effective.