Sunday, 27 January 2013

Le Weekend...

 Despite feeling more than a little pooped and achy of limbs, I have enjoyed a very pleasant weekend indeed. For those of a curious nature, or the just plain voyeuristic (hey, I'm not judging...), here's what I've been up to:

  • Sleeping (of course).
  • Having a spot of luncheon at Noa (new favourite restaurant alert, by the way. If you like Japanese cuisine, this is definitely the place to head to) with my very lovely cousin whom I hadn't seen in two years.
  • Playing the devishly addictive Bejeweled on my iPhone. Nearly every, and I do mean every, waking second is spent furiously trying to match up coloured jewells in an effort to score points and create pretty, sparkly, explosions. Yes, I'm well aware that I need to get out more. But, you know, I would if I could...
  • Meeting up with one of my besties for a delicious Sunday brunch.
  • Having coffee with Mr. G.
  • Hearing another of my best friends' Mum's clairvoyant tales- amazing and shivers-down-the-spine stuff.
  • Snuggling up in blankets to combat the cold.
  • Enjoying the comforting warmth of my hot water bottle when the aching has got too much.
  • Wondering whether to scout out a navy blue winter coat in the sales. 
  • And, just for good measure: sleeping. Because, obviously, I don't do enough of that...
I'm back on the sofa now, feeling worn out but contented. Tomorrow will be a complete write-off, but it's important- not just for my sanity- to make the most of any energy I do have, and get out and about, and using my legs, when I can. It's all about staving off muscle wastage apparently. Doctor's orders. Quite literally.

Hope your weekends have been enjoyable- and warm!

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