Thursday, 3 January 2013

Guess who's back....?

As promised, it's the 3rd of January and It's Not All Me, Me, Me... is back with a bang. Well, more of a splutter, really thanks to the cold that seems to have done the rounds of my family over the festive season. Truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

So, 2013 eh? How was your New Years? Mine was spent at home with my family, celebrating my Uncle's birthday; eating, drinking and lots of laughter. And watching of fireworks. Not in person, sadly, but thanks to the wonders of HD, it felt like we were on the banks of the Thames. 

I must admit I got a bit emotional when they were playing the clips from London 2012. I was never much of a Seb Coe fan before the Olympics, but I already feel his "We did it, and we did it right" speech at the closing ceremony is iconic. And hearing it over the celebrations marking the ending of the year was really rather poignant and emotive. 

Moving on, before I start to well up again...

Christmas was really rather wonderful. Draining, but wonderful. It was such a tonic to see my family, and catch up with friends that I haven't seen in a year or more.

The wheelchair was a big success, I even managed to wheel myself around on occasion. But I couldn't keep it up for long as boy does it make your arms ache. Still, I liked pretending I was a Paralympian. Not sure what event I'd be entered for? Shopping, maybe? I definitely think I'd be able to medal in that. Rio 2016 here I come. Or maybe not.

I didn't sleep as much as I thought I would, but I put that down to general excitement and adrenalin. Starting to really feel the payback now though, I have woken up with aching limbs and feeling like I'm coming down with the 'Flu. Everything feels heavy yet weak at the same time. Still, I did venture out today- and on my own two feet, no less!

Another bonus of the holidays? Discovering quite a few new Holy Grail products! 

Olay Age Defying Cleansing wipes

Even better, they were all free. The lipstick was bought with my Advantage card and the skincare was given to me by my Mum as she was having a clear-out. 

I have definitely decided that Coral is my colour. I am actually in love with the Revlon lipstick, it looks incredible. If I remember, I will put a picture up. If I forget, poke me! 

Oh, and before I forget, on a different subject altogether, I've got me an iPhone 5. My contract was due for renewal at the beginning of February, but me, being the impulsive creature that I am, walked into Phones4U and sorted out an entirely new contract then and there. I was after an iPhone 4S, but as they didn't do them, they offered me the iPhone 5 instead. Not that I was complaining, oh no.

I've been pretty much glued to it since I got it a week ago. I am like a child with a new toy, I just can't put it down. Anyone would think I'd never seen a smart phone before, although, considering I've had a Blackberry for the past three years, that wouldn't be far off. 

So, that's the past couple of weeks in a very tiny, bite-size nutshell. 

It's good to be back!


  1. Ooh do post a pic of that lipstick if you can please! Really liking Revlon lipsticks at the moment :-)

  2. Will definitely try to remember Vicky. I've not really paid Revlon much attention before now, but really quite impressed! Want to try out the Colour Burst Lip Butter now. X