Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Conspicuous by my absence...

I'm back. Again. Ever so sorry for going slightly AWOL on you, but I'd hit ye olde writer's block, and just couldn't summon up the energy or inclination to overcome it. Shame on me. I consider myself thoroughly chastised.

Although, it has got me thinking, maybe I should cut myself some slack and not be too regimented with my writing? I had, bar the break over the holidays, been writing every single day for over a month, and I think, perhaps, I may have burnt myself out a little? Rhetorical question. I know I burnt myself out a little. Alright, so I'm not exactly writing Magna Opera on a daily basis, but each post takes an hour, sometimes two, and that uses up a fair bit of mental energy. Energy which, as we all know (come on, pay attention at the back!), is in rather short supply.

So, henceforth, I shall update It's Not All Me, Me, Me...on a more ad hoc basis. As and when I have something to say, and the energy to say it. 

Anyway, grovelling apologies and explanations out the way with, let's get back to it...

Not that there's much to get back to really. The weekend passed in a blur of sleep, television watching, foraging for food and, wait for it, yet more sleep. Quelle surprise. Payback from Christmas hasn't just hit me, so much as given Nicola Adams in the ring a run for her money. In other words: it's absolutely 
 obliterated me.

After slumbering away most of Saturday and Sunday, I have continued in the same vein this week. Monday I set my own "Personal Best" and only managed to surface at 5pm. And guess what? (I think you can probably all see this coming...) I was still tired. Told you it'd be a shocker! 

Last night, however, I was struck with the dreaded bi-monthly insomnia (it's like clockwork I tell you, every two weeks, bang on time...) and didn't drift off until somewhere after four in the morning. I'm up and about now (no, I'm not sure why either), but everything in me is screaming for more sleep. I'm here in body (checks: yes all present and correct-ish) but I think my brain is still stuck in traffic somewhere...

Other than that, which isn't exactly riveting I'll grant you, not much else has been happening. Oh no, wait, I forgot, I managed to go to Sainsbury's on Monday. With the aid of my trolley, which I used as an item receptical-cum-zimmer frame. Rock and roll.

Actually, whilst in Sainsbury's, I picked up, for the first time, their Smoked Paprika flavoured Popcorn. If you follow me on Twitter then you'll know I've been raving about it to anyone who will listen. It is delectable. And far too moreish. Like crack, I'd imagine, but with more more Paprika. And less harmful pharmaceutical compounds. One would hope...

I digress. As always. Symptom wise, I'm pretty much the same, nothing new or overly alarming to report. Although my hair still appears to be shedding at an altogether unacceptable rate. I'm rather fed up of having to constantly de-malt myself. I swear if it continues there's going to be more of my hair scattered around the flat than actually on my head. Where it should be. Sob.

Still no news on when my referral will come through, but in the meantime, I have my Respiratory Specialist appointment to look forward to next Tuesday. I can hardly wait...

Right, I think that's everything. Until next time mes amis!

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