Sunday, 9 December 2012

What Katie's Doing Next: An Update...

Allow me to get a little bit serious for a second...

If you follow my Blog you'll know that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Katie Huttlestone, the young Hertfordshire woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the age of 21.

Image courtesy of The Sun.

You'll also know I made a plea for people to pledge to get her book 'Kate's Cleavage' published via Unbound

It still needs 443 pledges.

This fills me with sadness. I truly believe that this book needs to be written, that Katie's story needs to be listened to. 

She's been brave enough to not only fight this devastating disease, at such an appallingly young age, but to pour her heart and soul, absolutely no holes barred, into this project. And no, I don't believe that's hyperbolic. I really am that passionate about seeing Kate's Cleavage published.

Like most people in this country, cancer has touched my life in some way or another. 

Both my paternal Grandparents died of it, my maternal Grandmother died of it, my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer this year and both my parents and my cousin have had surgeries for skin cancer.

 Like I say, it's touched my life. All too often.

And this, this is why I believe it's essential Katie's project is allowed to reach fruition. If only one person is spurred on to check their breasts as a result of reading it, and any disease caught early as a consequence, then that is a victory in my eyes. And I'm sure, in Katie's too.

Don't let Katie's voice go unheard. Please, if you can, pledge, and help get her vital message out there.

To pledge, and find out more about the Unbound concept, visit: Kate's Cleavage.

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