Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Winter's Tale...

So, today? 

Drum roll please................... I made it out. Yes, for the first time in over a week I put on some 'real person' clothes (i.e. not pyjamas, just in case you thought I'd turned into a wooden puppet. Or something) and actually stepped over the threshold of our front door.

Mr. G has got some time off at the moment and (hurrah!) was able to accompany me on my little sojourn.

The first thing on the agenda? A rather special purchase: our Christmas tree! We plumped for a rotund little number this year, which also happened to be in the cheaper price bracket. Excellent!

Tree chosen, netted and set aside for collection later, it was onto Costa for a warming beverage. Now, as you know, I'm a Starbucks gal through and through, but I hadn't bargained on the cherry and chocolate wonder that is Costa's Black Forest Hot Chocolate. Behold:

Oh. My. Word. Starbucks had better watch out (and not just from HMRC!), there's a new contender for my go-to coffee chain of choice.

I'd rather not think about how many calories it contained, but I figured, as I'm not eating much these days, we'll just let this one slide... 

All warmed up, and beginning to tire, it was time to head home again, picking up Bruce the Spruce (I have no idea of the actual taxonomy, I just wanted to rhyme. Work with me here...) en route.

Mr. G was tasked with getting the decorations down from the loft. I assigned myself the slightly less arduous  job of tea making. I was, however, called upon to pass a plastic storage full of assorted cardboard boxes  up to him. Yep a box full of boxes. That's how we roll in this household...

I held it up for maybe, I don't know, three seconds? Oh boy, was that a mistake. No sooner had I passed it over and my arms went weak; I felt what little energy I had left completely drain away. 

Back to the sofa for me!

Mr. G busied himself stringing the lights, whilst I recovered (just about) enough to hang up the odd bauble or forty.  

An hour, and several cups of tea later, et voilà, we had finished:

One very twinkly (that'll be the, er, 240 lights) little Christmas tree. Our best effort yet, even if I do say so myself; we're definitely feeling very festive now chez nous. Oh, and look! Even the Dalek's got in on the action:

Well, it didn't seem right to leave it out, it is Christmas after all....

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