Sunday, 16 December 2012

Le Weekend...

Yes, that is me under there. Frightening isn't it?

They haven't lasted long. Sadly.

Too moreish.

Another Sunday evening. Honestly, I don't know where the weekends go anymore....blink and you miss them, eh? Maybe it's because I'm getting older? After all I am, whisper it nearly 30. Even so, they just don't last like they used to. Sigh.

So, aside from  doing an awful lot of sleeping (kind of goes without saying now, doesn't it?), my weekend has been spent:

  • Writing Christmas Cards.
  • Craving anything salty.
  • Eating a very tasty Tesco Chicken Caesar Wrap (I am a bit addicted to these- should I have admitted that publicly?).
  • Buying some last minute presents (Amazon to the rescue!)
  • Watching lots of lovely Black and White movies: Holiday Affair, The War Lover, Follow the Fleet.
  • Drinking a million cups of tea*.
  • Getting out of the flat for an hour to have lunch with two very good friends.
  • Eating practically my own body weight in Quality Street.
  • Trying some of Mr. G's homemade Mulled Wine. Delicious
  • Remembering just how good Hocus Pocus is, and laughing all over again at SJP as a witch. What would Carrie say?
  • Trying on Mr. G's Horse's Head mask (it was for his Christmas party, before you get any funny ideas...) and being rather amused by it. To say the least.
  • Wishing we had more than two duvets on our bed.
I can't believe that next weekend will be the last one before Christmas. This is exciting and also rather terrifying. I don't feel ready for it to be Christmas yet. I want a few more weeks of the build up!

So, how has your weekend been?

* A slight exaggeration.

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