Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The long and short of it...

After a couple of serious posts I thought I'd lighten things up around here a bit...

So, lately, I've been toying with the idea of getting a pixie cut. I've been seeing all the pictures of Anne Hathaway around sporting her grown out her 'Fantine' and I have to say, I think she looks fantastic. Her features really seem to suit this more elfin style.

And of course there's the ever beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin who has had the cropped look for what feels like forever.

A quick Google of 'pixie cut' also brought up Shannyn Sossamon and Michelle Williams. I love how natural and effortless their styles are.

And Me? Well I've had my hair super short twice so far. The first time I was 13, and I took a photo of Danni Starck from Neighbours (yeah, I was that cool) with me as inspiration for the stylist.

At the time I absolutely loved the style. With hindsight? I looked like a boy. Ouch. I'm not even going to post a photo, you'll just point and laugh. I know, I do.

My second foray into the world of shorter hair took place in 2009. Looking back, I think it really suited me. What do you think?

Currently my hair isn't in the greatest of condition and I'm finding that washing it is just using up too much energy. I don't blow dry it, but letting it dry naturally means it gets all tangly and frizzy (even with product in) and well, it just looks a bit of a mess. 

Plus, I've noticed in the last few weeks that it's falling out at an alarming rate. This could be down to my M.E. but, either way, I am malting everywhere and when I do manage to wash it, I'm able to pull it out by the handful. Not good. 

All the evidence seems to point to a low maintenance, shorter style being the way forward right now, and the fact I'm greatly admiring the locks of the ladies above is kind of sealing it for me.

Should I go for it.....?


  1. Short hair really suits you!! I had mine short a couple of years ago and I hated it! I'm still on a mission to grow it long.

  2. Thanks Sam! That's four 'go for its' now... :)

  3. I am having this same quandry! My hair is allllllllllllways short lately - usually in a graduated bob style? but.. being a uni it's grown long.

    Short: Usually hve to style it after its washed, unless your hair lays flat (?) and you have to keep having it cut back in - but, it's easy for everyday life and the style usually stays in.

    Long: You can bung it up for a lazy day (?) - but when you actually want to do something with it, it takes time and effort.

    I like your hair both ways :)

  4. Thanks T! See that's a good point about having to have it cut in every six weeks or so, but having it long, and my hair not drying particularly nicely naturally means I do have to make an effort with it. And right now I have neither energy nor inclination.