Saturday, 8 December 2012

Teething Problems...

Wisdom teeth. 

What a misnomer, eh? They don't bring you wisdom they bring you PAIN. Monumental, 'woe-is-me', 'my- jaw-feels-like-it's-been-hit-by-a-particularly-irate-and-pre-menstrual-sledgehammer', good old fashioned pain.


The scoundrel in question has been visiting it's own special brand of agony upon me every so often for the past five years. Clearly it's not finished having its fun yet...

It's been a year or so since it last popped up to say hello, but you know, funnily enough I really hadn't missed it. At all.

From what I can tell (through opening my mouth as wide as possible, craning my neck at the most awkward angle imaginable, and shining an IKEA lamp in my face in front of a mirror) one half of the tooth is already up, obviously it's now working on bringing up the rear. How nice for me.

Oddly none of my other wisdom teeth have even made the briefest of appearances, its just this one little blighter that's periodically wreaking oral havoc.

I've found the best thing for it is to gargle with plain old salt water, this has a sort of numbing effect and helps to ward off any infection - at least, I'm hoping that's what it does. Otherwise I'm swilling a mouthful of salty vileness for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Just my luck.

Anyone else had trouble with these tyrannical teeth, or know of any other tips and tricks in dealing with them? Answers on a postcard please. Or you know, in the comments box below. Just saying.

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