Friday, 14 December 2012

Santa Baby...

The best thing to cheer myself up with after not having the greatest of days? 

Looking at all the pretty on Polyvore. 

And then creating yet another dream Christmas wish list.

Yeah, yeah, I'm a masochist...

Santa Baby...

If I could have anything from this little haul? It would definitely be the Canon camera.

 My poor old Kodak point and click is really not cutting it anymore, it doesn't do low light so the majority of my pictures, that aren't taken in the brightest of sunlight, end up grainy. Not a good look.

So, yep, the Canon would be my top choice but, you know, if someone wants to get me anything else on the list, I'm not going to say no. Obviously. 

What would be on your dream Christmas List? 

Any wishes?

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