Saturday, 1 December 2012

Release The Christmas!

Yes people, it's finally arrived: December the 1st. And? We can openly celebrate! Hurrah! No longer will we be social outcasts attracting disdain, derision and de-friending. For now, we are free to wantonly deck those halls. And the roof. And the dog.

We might not all like Figgy pudding (or even, ahem, know what it is) but by Jove, for the next twenty four days, we'll pretend we do!

In honour of this momentous occasion I shall be rocking out (i.e. tapping my toes in a semi vigorous fashion) to a bit of Noddy and Co, lighting my brand spanking new Cinnamon candle (behold the smell of Christmas! In an over-priced glass jar!), and thinking about writing a card or two. Just thinking, mind, not actually writing. Well, I don't want to get too carried away, do I...? 

Go forth: open those mince pies, hoist up those trees, and rest ye merry Gentlemen! 

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