Friday, 7 December 2012

On Dasher, On Dancer...

I can't believe I forgot to add in yesterday's post that this little chap also came out to play!

He was an impulse buy from the Cath Kidston shop in Bath three years ago. I saw him sitting there, with his cute little red nose and matching ribbon, and knew I had to give him a home. 

His name is Rodney and every year he takes up residence in a different spot. This year, he's made his home on our window ledge, last year he was nestled in the tree.

He's fast become one of my favourite decorations and it never fails to put a smile on my face when I unpack him each festive season.

Do you have a favourite Christmas decoration? What's the story behind it?


  1. Nawwww! Looks like the runt of the litter :D I always love anything slightly odd or deformed looking. This little guy definitely counts in that... *pats his head*

  2. He does have quite a squiffy smile and I think his antler is lopsided. Ha, me too! I always see a kindred spirit in them! x