Sunday, 16 December 2012

Nailing It...

So, remember I was saying I was a little addicted to all things Coral

Well, I've just discovered this little bottle of beautiful:

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Whilst back at home in October my Mum passed a bottle of Dior Rouge Garçon nail varnish onto me as she didn't get on with it. A free Dior nail varnish? Yes please! I gave it a whirl and immediately fell in love with the depth of colour and the glossiness of the finish. It lasted forever too.

So whilst pootling around on the internet earlier I thought I'd check out what other shades Dior has to offer. And 'lo, this coral vision was waiting for me. 

Oh dear, my wish list is getting rather long...

Dior Vernis in Shade 545 - Psychedelic Orange - available from

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