Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I'll Be There for You...

If there's one good thing to come out of being virtually housebound for four months - if there can be anything good to come out of it - it's that I've learnt just how good my friends are. Of course I always knew they were pretty decent folk, I wouldn't have been friends with them otherwise, but since I've been ill it's become even more apparent what wonderful people they are.

One of my oldest friends (not age wise, I hasten to add), whom I've known since we were thirteen, came over today bearing the most fantastic bounty of gourmet goodies from Waitrose. She hadn't seen me in a while and said she wanted to treat me, plus she knew I wasn't really in a fit state to quickly whip something up in the kitchen.

We tucked into our indoor picnic as we caught each other up on our goings on (in my case, it was a very short conversation. My life? Erm: sleep, wake up, try and get up and do something, feel too faint/weak/sick/tired, get back into bed, eat, sleep some more ad infinitum.Yup, that just about covers it). 

I was so touched at the thought she'd put into choosing everything; all my favourite foods but in bite-size as she knows my appetite isn't what it was. She'd even bought over the most divine  Black Forest Gâteaux puds for dessert. The effort and thought behind it meant I was quite overwhelmed: it was such a generous gesture.  

After she'd left, I had a visit from another dear friend. He too arrived bearing food, this time of the baked goods variety: doughnuts and cookies, and a sneaky bag of caramelised Almonds.

My friends obviously believe that the way to my heart is through my stomach (and they'd be right)!

But, aside from being greatly amused by this, the kindness shown through these visits and gifts- from all my friends- has really opened my eyes to how very lucky I am, especially at this time, to have such people in my life. 

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