Friday, 7 December 2012

Have you met Mr & Mrs Smith?

I was recently introduced to Mr & Mrs Smith by Ruth over at A Model Recommends (the source of a lot of my latest discoveries, it must be said...).

Mr & Mrs Smith bills itself as "The Boutique and Luxury Hotel Booking Specialists" and has been quietly and steadily gaining a name for itself within the Blogging community over the last few years. The eponymous "Mr & Mrs Smith" have scoured the world in search of the brightest and best, well, as their tag line suggests, Boutique and Luxury hotels, and have created a company that passes their knowledge, expertise and contacts onto us.

I'll be honest: I'm not much of a jet-setter, and don't really have all that much call to use a "Luxury Booking Specialist" but, well, who knows when I might want to book a romantic break or weekend away? Plus I just couldn't resist the idea of being part of a club. Especially one that gives you such cracking discounts. For free. Yes, that's right people: for free.

Mr & Mrs Smith has three different levels of membership: BlackSmith, SilverSmith and GoldSmith.

BlackSmith membship is completely gratis, you don't pay a single penny. Silver Smith and Gold Smith membership is available at £40 and £400 per annum respectively.

Of course the higher the level of membership you opt for, the greater the benefits and discounts.

With BlackSmith, which is what I've signed up for, you can expect to receive, among many other fabulous discounts and perks, the following:

15% off Cowshed
10% off FeelUnique 
25% off This Works
10% off The White Company
10% off Hush
10% off Cath Kidston

Image courtesy of Mr & Mrs

As I say, that's just a snapshot to give you an idea. The full list of benefits can be found here.

On top of delectable discounts, every time you book a hotel or break through them you will receive a free gift and a welcoming perk (be it a room upgrade or free champagne) at the hotel you stay in. 

Oh and, did I mention it was free?

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