Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Mini Adventure and A Little Review: Lily and Boo's Cupcakery...

Today I managed to make it out again. Hurrah for me. Only down the road again, and only for an hour, but it was good to get some much needed fresh (more arctic than fresh really...) air.  An hour is my absolute maximum, I've discovered. Any longer than that and it's guaranteed I'll be confined to my bed for the next two or three days.  

As it is, that little sojourn took it out of me so I'm now wrapped up warm under two (count 'em) duvets with the mandatory cup of tea by my side. 

So instead of taking our custom to the usual suspects - Starbucks, Costa et al - we decided (alright, I decided, executively) instead to try out Lily and Boo's Cupcakery.

As far as I'm aware, Lily and Boo's is the first of its kind in Bristol: a shop specialising in, well, Cupcakes. As the name suggests, funnily enough.

It opened back in August so I was rather thrilled to be venturing through it's candy pink doors at long last. 

Inside it's every bit as sweet as you might expect from a shop and tea room dealing nearly exclusively in cupcakes. There's a lot of pink. I, of course, loved it. However, it's saved from complete saccharine overload by stylish brown wicker furniture, metal tables and shrubbery dotted around decoratively.

I was surprised to discover that they also offer a small selection of savoury pastries, so if cupcakes aren't your thing (although, really, what are you doing in a cupcake cafe if they're not?) there's some other goodies to tempt your palette. 

We found a spot by the window (ideal for people watching) and waited for our order to arrive. We'd decided to go all out: hot chocolates with whipped cream, marshmallows and grated chocolate. 

Oh, and if that wasn't quite enough chocolate. I decided to throw in the aptly named Chocolate Overload cupcake too (which, I must point out, was kindly whipped up especially for me, as they'd actually run out. Major gold star!). It was a toss up between that and the Rocky Road, but ultimately the fact it had Chocolate in its name (which is always a promise of good things) clinched it for me.

Our hot chocolates arrived, filled to the brim, and in polka dot cups too. I may have let out the tiniest of squeals at this point. Cupcakes, chocolate, and polka dots? Can this place do no wrong...?

Evidently not, as I was then presented with the gooiest, chocolatiest cupcake I've ever clapped eyes on:

Oh. My. Word. This wasn't just chocolate overload, this was chocolategeddon. The cupcake itself was every bit as delicious as it looked, the sponge was light and moist and the frosting was out of this world. It was incredibly sweet but not the kind of sweet that sets your teeth on edge or brings on Type 2 Diabetes just by looking at it. 

Nevertheless, that and the hot chocolate with all the trimmings was probably overdoing it. Just a tad. 

So..... would I recommend Lily and Boo's? Abso-blooming-lutely. A wonderful and welcoming service from the two lovely ladies behind the counter (Caroline and Sally- hello!); a cosy and retro atmosphere (the giant gingerbread people and house were definitely a hit with us); a fabulous range of cupcakes (with four new flavours added daily) and other sweet treats, and it's totally independent: what's not to love?

If you're in Clifton and fancy sampling some of their delights, Lily and Boo's can be found at 2 Cotham Hill, Cotham, BS6 6LF.

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