Thursday, 22 November 2012

Send her Bristol!

Now it's no secret  among my friends and family that I'm a bit of a Royalist but, it must be said, much of the reason for this is my admiration of, utter respect for, and pride in Her Majesty the Queen. 

I'm rather ambivalent about the rest of the Royal Family (aside from Prince Philip, naturally) and find many of the younger generation rather uninspiring and insipid. This is, of course, in my humble opinion and I'm sure they're very charming and affable in actuality, but I just can't warm to them. My loss, no doubt.

There's something about Elizabeth II that, for me, is the embodiment of dignity, composure and our country's spirit. She is the poster girl (well, Octogenarian, but let's be polite) of the Keep Calm and Carry On philosophy; for over sixty years she has kept calm and carried on reigning with dignity and an unfailing (and laudable) sense of duty.

And so, I was bitterly disappointed to be reminded (via Twitter, where else?) that she was visiting our fair city today (and looking very stylish in a bright fuchsia coat and hat, I might add). Not only had I forgotten (bad Loyal Subject), but I wouldn't have been able to venture out to get a glimpse even if I'd remembered. 

For any fellow Bristolians who couldn't spectate, The British Monarchy website have helpfully created a blog on the visit, which can be found here.

Apologies Ma'am and I hope you had a splendid day- terrible weather notwithstanding.

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