Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's going to be a MAC Christmas...

Urgh. I am not feeling today what-so-ever. Apart from being ridiculously (or, rather, ridic) tired (you'd think I'd be used to that now, wouldn't you?) I feel like I'm coming down with that proverbial scourge of human kind: the common cold.

How is it possible that such a seemingly innocuous little rhinovirus can wreak such havoc? (Incidentally: I always picture a pygmy Rhino in my head. Being attacked by a pygmy Rhino would definitely be the cuter scenario but I can't imagine it'd be any more pleasant. I mean, come on, those diminutive horns have got to hurt).

So anyway, it's cold ahoy and a double whammy of viral based joy. Oh look! That rhymes. Sort of.

In an effort to cheer myself up I decided to peruse the MAC website. Never a good idea, when one is more brassic than a church mouse who is being paid less than this Government's idea of a minimum wage.

But, oh! What delights awaited me. Their 2012 holiday collection kits are housed in gorgeous (and supremely girly, let's be honest) compacts replete with padded satin, in mouth watering candy colours, and black patent bows. There's more than a definite whiff of retro about them; think 50s vintage burlesque meets Sandra Dee. You can choose between a face and eye kit, or you could just be totally frivolous -with a collection this appealing, who'd blame you?- and buy the lot.

Also (clearly MAC feel we've been good girls (and boys!) this year, and deserve to be spoilt) included in the line-up are the sweetest little miniature hat boxes full of  lip glasses and pigments pots. 

Time to hide the credit card...



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