Friday, 30 November 2012

Hush! Too good to keep quiet...

Now, as you all probably know by now: I like things cosy. Indeed, if 'cosy' were a political ideology it'd get my vote at the ballot box (take note Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: include cable knit socks for all in your manifesto in 2015 and you've got me on your side).

Which leads me to my latest discovery, courtesy of the always brilliant A Model Recommends and The Baking Fashionista, the UK's leading nightwear and lounge wear specialist: Hush.

If you were looking for the perfect Christmas present for the hibernation aficionado in your life, then look no further. 

How I was hitherto unaware of their existence is anyone's guess, it's like the brand was created with me in mind. Every page you click: yet more cosiness. 

I am particularly in love with the look of their brushed cotton PJ trousers. The trouble is I don't think I could decide upon one single pair. If I was forced to choose (i.e. if my tea bags were being held at ransom and their safe return depended on my choosing. No joking around when it comes to tea people, oh no.) I'd go for the 'Small Stars' in cream and black, but really they are all too pretty to choose a solitary pair. OK, so the prices aren't the cheapest (£30-£50), but for pyjamas as beautiful as these I'd be prepared to flash the cash. 

Not only do they do a whole host of stylish nightwear and loungewear, but they've got accessories (cable knit socks included, naturally), gifts and something for the men folk too. Oh, and? Mugs. I think I may have mentioned my slight obsession with all things mug shaped before?  If not, my official line is: You. Can. Never. Have. Too. Many. Never.

Heaven, thy name is Hush.

       Image courtesy of Hush UK




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