Wednesday, 21 November 2012

God Bless Twitter and all who sail in her...

I am a fairly recent newcomer to the social networking phenomenon that is Twitter, but I already have rather a lot of love for it. A lot.

Meeting wonderful, inspirational and devellishly witty people; being able to connect with the outside world whilst not actively participating in it myself (because I'm pretty much housebound right now. Gee, thanks M.E.); stalking  following my favourite celebrities...

But, the best thing about it? The speed of the thing. Witness: mere seconds after Tweeting, asking where I could get my hands on some Chilli Popcorn, an all natural popcorn company replied to me to kindly inform me that they sell not one, but two varieties of Chilli popcorn. Amazing.

Twitter and Corn Again* I salute you.

*And, no they didn't ask me to promote them. I'm doing it because I'm nice like that. Sometimes.

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