Thursday, 22 November 2012

An Interest in Pinterest...

Again, like with Twitter, I'm a bit late  in realising the wonderfulness of that little site known as Pinterest. I joined yesterday and thought I would never leave: Goodbye Twitter, Goodbye Blog, Goodbye Amazon (other online mega-retailers are available), Pinterest is my Master now.

I did, however, manage to escape, but not before getting stuck into creating a 'Body Art Inspiration' board. 

I think I am in danger of whiling away many an hour on there just riotously pinning every pretty picture I can get my hands (and keyboard) on.

It's such a simple but effective concept: an online pinboard community. The wealth of creativity and inspiration is endless.

I love too that you can upload 'Pins' from your computer. I'll be able to clear some much needed space on my hardrive and get all current style files online. Technology, eh? What a wonder.

Oh, I've added a Pinterest button to my profile should you feel inclined to join me there, or just have a nosy around my boards. As it were...

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